Microcredit: A loan with variable uses

Microcredit is a strategic service to fight poverty and to facilitate access to small loans. It is used by people with low incomes. The credit is said to be personal or professional, and it is contracted to finance a need to facilitate professional reintegration, or to support the creation or strengthening of a business, most often in the commercial or craft sector.


Microcredit, what can we do with it?

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Any loan implies a repayment on a given due date. Choosing a microcredit with a stakeholder like YeSavers Finance should not be taken lightly. As with any loan, the borrower must absolutely avoid delinquencies, and for that, he must first assess his creditworthiness. So he will have to determine in advance what the credit will be used for. Micro finance is part of an aid to people with difficulties or unable to access a bank loan. The loan amounts are relatively low and generally cap at 3000 $ or 5000 $ (personal credit). Buying a vehicle to facilitate travel to the workplace, or registering for training to acquire new skills can motivate a request for microcredit.


Why use microcredit?

This type of loan, accessible to everyone, is of particular interest to the most disadvantaged families. In view of the various advantages it offers, it is a natural alternative to conventional bank credit which requires more substantial guarantees and solvency. Flexibility is one of the main features of microfinance, in that it can adapt to the needs of different borrowers. Depending on the lender, the amount of microcredit may vary. The floor amount proposed by YeSavers Finance for example is $ 50. It is certain that a loan application file with a bank cannot concern such a sum. In any event, microfinance represents a credit option on a smaller scale accessible to profiles as diverse as varied. The job seeker as the head of a VSE can claim this loan, as well as an individual who receives unemployment benefit.


The advantages of microcredit

The advantages of microcredit

One of the main advantages of microcredit concerns the time required to obtain the loan. On a platform like YeSavers Finance for example, it is possible for a customer who has already taken out a previous loan, to access his loan 24 hours after validation of his file. As the requests only concern small amounts, their processing takes less time, which greatly simplifies the procedure and reimbursement. Procedures can be done online and securely. With the stated objective, an optimized management of the funds obtained, the loan applicant is supported by specialized organizations. Even if there are several entities with an authorization allowing them to grant loans, the supervision of the rates charged avoids any excess, thus limiting the risks of over-indebtedness.

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